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PDO Thread Lift in Littleton, CO

What Is a PDO Thread Lift?

At Skintastic Aesthetics, PDO thread lifting is a minimally invasive technique that boosts and tautens hanging skin. A facial thread lift is oftentimes an optimal choice for clients who are uninclined to get a surgical facelift but would like to improve evidence of getting older, including lines, creases, and sagging skin. Nurse practitioner and Skintastic Aesthetics co-founder Danielle Sanders uses PDO collagen threads (also referred to as polydioxanone threads), which are dissolvable sutures passed into the epidermis to encourage collagen production and elevate saggy skin and smile lines. Danielle is also experienced in using PDO threads for body lifts, including the breasts, buttocks, arms, legs, and more. Many times labeled a "lunchtime lift," a thread lift should not consist of an extensive recovery period. Generally, body threads require a bit more healing time and restrictions than facial threads. Book an appointment at our office in Littleton, CO to decide if a thread lift would be a good nonsurgical decision for your aims.

How Does a PDO Thread Lift Work?

Thread lifting is a nonsurgical treatment that typically takes approximately 60 minutes to administer. Prior to your thread lift procedure, a member of our staff will consult with you to determine what type of threads to use, the number to inject, and placement to achieve your optimal outcomes. Usually, a local anesthetic agent is used to desensitize the procedure locations and enable the client to be comfortable. Danielle will place the sutures into designated areas of your face or body implementing a fine needle. The threads will be gently stretched to create a lifted look and a youthful-appearing outcome. No incisions or cuts are incorporated during this procedure.


What Are the Benefits of a PDO Thread Lift?

Not all people desire or require invasive surgical choices to achieve a raised, restored appearance. For clients living in Littleton, CO who are concerned with solving relaxed skin without acquiring an invasive procedure, a polydioxanone (PDO) thread lift would be a perfect option that can offer you numerous perks, including:

  • Effects that last longer than some other nonsurgical anti-aging choices, such as injectables
  • Pleasure with your new youthful outcomes
  • Procedure is minimally invasive yet still effective
  • Collagen growth that offers glowing outcomes for years to come

This clinic is the best! I was looking for a great place that had a range of services available for my cosmetic needs. Skintastic is way beyond that, and I've learned so much about new amazing services available that I didn't know about, and have the availability to see what's best for me. Danielle and Jim are so warm and genuine, and Danielle is so knowledgeable and passionate about everything she does. She takes as much time as needed to listen to your needs and offers great advice w/ integrity. I've had a full face PDO thread procedure (in one visit), and some botox treatments, and her work is exceptional! You won't regret trying this clinic out. It's my only go to place!

S.M. Google

I was there to translate. I was very Impressed with the procedure the patient was getting. After Danielle was done. I told her "do me". She squeezed me in. The PDO thread lift, which was the first time I ever hear of it, went so smooth. She explained everything that she was doing. Her beside manners (personality) is soothing and she's very knowledgeable. I absolutely love the results. I will be a repeat patient.

M.T. Google

LOVE my results. I went in for a micro-needling RF treatment for my acne scars and then a week later we did a PDO thread lift for my cheeks and eyes and I’m just impressed with Danielle and her team. She is so knowledgeable and friendly. The PDO thread couldn’t have went any better

K. Google

This is a “one-stop shop” for all your health and beauty needs! If you’re feeling like you need a little bit of a lift but don’t want to have surgery, talk to Danielle about PDO Threads (Danielle is absolutely awesome)! She can give you a lift almost anywhere on your body... or "plump" your lips with no filler! I got PDO Threads in less than 2 hours and erased YEARS off my face... with absolutely NO BRUSING!!! I highly recommend! She also did a fantastic job with my Botox... quick and painless! Super talented, friendly, and caring staff!

J.F. Google

I visited Skintastic 3 times for different services before writing a review. The first visit I had a consult, hydrafacial, and IV therapy (with B-12). The 2nd time I had PDO threads with PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin). The last visit I had microneedling and lip filler. I really love how Danielle answers each of my questions. She's so knowledgeable! She's also skilled and meticulous. And when it comes to my face, that means everything. Plus, their prices are competitive, worth every penny. I plan to buy a Club in January and my next appointment is already in my calendar. I highly recommend Skintastic.

L.C. Google


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Who Should Get a Thread Lift?

The ideal candidates for a facial or body thread lift are usually individuals aged 35 – 65 who are looking to achieve several cosmetic enhancements. These enhancements include minimizing any loose skin on the neck and face, achieving longer-lasting results compared to cosmetic injections, and stimulating collagen production in the upper layers of the skin. This procedure is also aimed at addressing visible signs of aging such as deep wrinkles around the mouth and nose, drooping in the lower face, skin folds, and smoker's lines, while providing smoother skin without undergoing major surgeries. During your consultation in Littleton, CO, our aesthetic team will assess whether a PDO thread lift procedure is suitable for your needs.

What is the cost of a thread lift?

The exact cost of a thread lift procedure can vary according to how many threads are needed, which will be chosen according to your needs and goals. Remember that the treatment is significantly less expensive than a surgical procedure, which may make it a good alternative to a facelift surgery. The team at Skintastic Aesthetics will share cost information during your first consultation.

How long can I expect my thread lift results to last?

This will depend on the initial health of your skin. In many cases, the results of thread lifting might be observed for at least a year and a half or more. After this timeframe, you may wish to schedule a follow-up procedure to help you maintain a refreshed look. It's possible to extend your results by maintaining a healthy routine that involves a balanced diet, consistent activity, reduced UV ray exposure, and a home skin routine.

Does a PDO thread lift hurt?

No, most patients don't experience discomfort during thread lifting. Before starting, a numbing cream is usually used to numb the treatment area so you'll stay relaxed during the entire appointment. Some clients may experience mild tenderness or redness after the procedure, but this generally goes away over a few days.

Get a Nonsurgical Lift

PDO thread lifts could offer a minimally invasive alternative to firm up sagging skin tissue and bring about a natural appearance. If you deal with mild to moderate skin laxity and wrinkles or simply hope for a rejuvenated look, reach out to Skintastic Aesthetics in Littleton, CO to arrange an appointment and discover more about PDO thread lifts or additional aesthetic rejuvenation procedure possibilities.

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