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What is PRF?

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is the next generation of platelet concentrate therapies! The procedure uses PRF to deliver more growth factors and better results compared to platelet rich plasma (PRP). Best of all, PRF is completely safe and 100% natural because the PRF is extracted from your own blood!

PRF Facials

A PRF Facial topically applies PRF after a microneedling session. Microneedling intentionally injures the skin by creating thousands of micro-punctures. This activates skin’s natural healing response to repair itself by building up fresh and new collagen, which improves the skin’s firmness, youth and tightness while also reducing the appearance of fine lines, scars and wrinkles. The applied PRF adds even more regenerative properties by supporting cell growth. The result is an enhanced, more youthful and refreshed look.

PRF being prepared for injection

PRF Facelifts

PRF Facelifts are an all-natural alternative to hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers. The injections prompt long-term collagen production to create a plump, youthful appearance. Because the treatment produces gradual, long-term benefits, PRF Facelifts can be combined with HA fillers for more immediate results or with PDO Threads for a lifted or sculpted effect.

PRF being injected into the crow's feet

PRF Breast Lifts

PRF Breast lifts inject PRF to the top and center areas of the breasts, providing a supple, youthful contour, glow and lift to the cleavage area. The breast lift can be performed with PRF by itself, or with the addition of HA dermal fillers and/or PDO Threads for more lifting and volumizing results.

PRF breast lift

PRF Butt Lifts

The PRF Butt lift uses your PRF to provide a natural and fuller buttock shape. This treatment is as effective and more affordable than the highly popular Sculptra Butt Lift. Add PDO Threads for a more enhanced and immediate lifting effect.

PRF butt lift

PRF V-Lifts

The PRF V-Lift is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure. PRF is injected into the external labia to provide a fuller, shapelier and more youthful look. This non-surgical enhancement is all-natural and safe, with minimal to no downtime.

PRF V-lift

PRF Hair Restoration

The growth factors contained within PRF not only stimulate the production of collagen and elastin but also helps to restore and regenerate hair growth! When injected into the scalp, the PRF increases blood flow and collagen formation to “re-awaken” dormant hair follicles. After the injections, additional PRF is also applied topically and microneedled into the top layers of the scalp. The treatment finishes with LED light therapy to further complement the PRF.

Purchase a PRF Hair Restoration package and receive your first 3 months of Votesse™ Topical Hair Foam ($99 value) FREE! Votesse™ is a lightweight, body-boosting foam that contains natural fruit extract, ginseng, zinc and other essential ingredients shown to improve overall hair growth and vitality, better than Rogaine® (Minoxidil).

PRF injection for hair restoration


PRF ServiceStarting From
Lip Injection$300
Face Injection$400 / area
Breast Lift$1000
Butt Lift$1000
Hair Restoration$400
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What to Expect with PRF

All PRF procedures begin with a blood draw to extract your plasma and separate the platelet rich fibrin. PRF is 100% natural and is unaltered so it can safely be reabsorbed by your body. Once the PRF is prepared, it is injected into the treatment area where it stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and cell growth. The treatment can be combined with other mechanisms including microneedling, HA dermal fillers, PDO Threads, and LED light therapy to enhance the PRF’s regenerative properties and for more immediate results. However, PRF by itself gradually builds collagen over time and the results may only be seen after a series of treatments. Your provider will discuss realistic expectations and recommendations for optimal results before any treatment is performed.

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Sondra PeughSondra Peugh
22:47 23 Dec 22
I am more than pleased with my experience today! First, I was able to get on last minute, which I was not expecting! Danielle was very nice and professional, with a side of silliness! I loved that! She is extremely knowledgeable and not pushy! This is a great Med Spa, I will be back!Jeff at the front was great too!
Susan HansenSusan Hansen
21:17 17 Nov 22
Danielle & Jeff are warm welcoming and professional. Danielle has a delicate caring touch and vast experience that shows in the final results. Before Skintastic I’ve been to several other places for treatment, this is by far the best and won’t trust anyone else from now on. Have used Danielle for the past year for three different kind treatments and very pleased.
Chione GomesChione Gomes
00:15 07 Nov 22
I worked as a Dermatology nurse for close to 10 years and have seen and assisted with many cosmetic treatments in the past. I have to say that Danielle is one of the best providers you will ever find! She takes the time needed to explain the procedure. She makes you feel comfortable and welcome. She is highly trained on the newest techniques and every service is performed at the top level. You won’t find a better value in a more modern, welcoming environment anywhere.
CO2 Chest Resurfacing Treatment:First off, it begins as soon as you walk in–there’s a warm welcome. They always take a moment to chat with you before the procedure begins.I got my chest resurfaced to get rid of the lines. Danielle talked at length with me prior to the procedure. I also tend to “bird walk” to ask her other questions that had nothing to do with the procedure and she was so responsive. She didn’t make me feel like I had to hurry to ask questions. Anyhow, she did such a GREAT job of making sure I was as comfortable as possible and checking in with me the whole time. I’m also going back to take care of my face. She’s just so awesome and I highly, highly recommend her for all of her procedures that she offers.
Randi HarrisRandi Harris
17:14 19 Sep 22
I love Danielle at Skintastic. She listens and addresses concerns, and gives multiple options (when applicable) for desired outcomes.She is never pushy, and truly wants the best and most cost-effective outcomes for her clients.I highly recommend her services!

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