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Customized Training & Courses

Welcome to Aesthetics Masters Institute (AMI) at Skintastic Aesthetics located in the beautiful foothills of Littleton, CO (Denver).
Our Nurse Practitioner Danielle, has vast experience in Aesthetic, Emergency and Family Medicine, and precision procedural skills to ensure safe and effective aesthetics training. All students receive customizable training on basic, and/or advanced aesthetic procedures.
Unlike other training courses, we offer completely customizable training in our office or yours! We believe in utilizing only individual, or small-group training sessions, so you get the most one-on-one time possible.
We specialize in training YOU, for your career in aesthetics!

PDO Thread Courses

AMI offers both basic and advanced PDO Thread Lift training in our office, or yours.
Join us, to learn Basic facial PDO skills all the way up to advanced facial and body work thread lifting techniques. The basic training includes cheek lifts, jawline lifts and more.
With our advanced training, you may learn PDO septoplasties (with specialty rhino threads), breast lift and butt lift techniques, and more!
If you are interested in being one of our amazing models to receive discounted PDO thread treatments, please feel free to give us a call at (303) 933-8526 for more information, or you may click below to book a consult to discuss your unique treatment needs and pricing.
(Please note, there is a model wait-list for PDO trainings) Average model discount is 10-20%.

PDO Thread Courses
Aesthetic Injectables Courses

Aesthetic Injectables Courses

We also train aesthetic students on beginner to advanced injectable techniques including but not limited to:

  • Wrinkle Relaxers and Jeuveau® neurotoxin injections
  • Dermal fillers for Cellulite
  • All PRF procedures (under-eyes, hair restoration, sexual wellness injections, etc.)
  • And laser hair removal, RF microneedling, hydro facials, phlebotomy and more!
  • We can train up to 5 students at a time at our location, and we offer both shadow/observation-only days, or full hands-on days, ranging from 1 to 3 days of training, or more if desired.

PRF Courses

Using world-renowned PRF, we provide and train on all PRF aesthetic/cosmetic/wellness procedures using pure c-PRF and Bio-Filler.
Whatever PRF procedures you want to learn, we can teach you! What are some of the procedures we offer?
PRF facial training (with microneedling).
Facelift and neck lift training (with or without the use of additional dermal fillers and PDO threads).
Breast, or butt lift training.
PRF Hair Restoration training.
He-Shot for male sexual health and wellness.
V-Shot for female sexual health and wellness.
V-Lift (labia lift) for female external genital rejuvenation.

PRF Courses

Student & Model Information

All training will be scheduled on a case-by-case basis. We can tailor training dates to suit most schedules and all dates are negotiable.
All trainings are available on-site (our clinic) or on-location (your site).

The typical course schedule is as follows depending on your needs:
Beginner Day 1: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Breakfast and lunch are both provided (on-site only), followed by a short didactic and introduction to injectables. Then the remaining day of observation/audit for injectables procedures or all hands-on training on injectables procedures.
Intermediate Day 2: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Breakfast and lunch are both provided (on-site only), complete with an intensive hands-on day of basic to intermediate injectable techniques and procedures.
Advanced Day 3: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Breakfast and lunch are both provided (on-site only), complete with an intensive hands-on day of advanced injectable techniques and procedures, including off-label procedures.
Training may be booked in any combination of 1-3 days of training (or more if desired), at either our clinic location in Littleton, Colorado, or yours. We also offer 1-day or 2-day advanced-only injectables training for injectors with at least 1+ years of aesthetics injecting experience.

On-Site (Our Clinic) Costs:
Beginner 1-Day (8 hours): $1500 hands-on; $750 for Shadow/Audit only
Intermediate 2-Day (16 hours): $3500 hands-on; $1500 for Shadow/Audit only
Full Advanced 3-Day (24 hours): $5000 hands-on; $2250 for Shadow/Audit only
1-Day or 2-Day Advanced Only*: $1750 per day hands-on; $850 per day Shadow/Audit
*No didactic, all days are intensive hands-on only. *Reminder, all advanced-only students must have a minimum of 1+ years of aesthetic injectables experience.

On-Location (Your Site) Costs. 2-Person Minimum Requirement:
Beginner 1-Day (8 hours): $1650 First person, $1500 each additional.
Intermediate 2-Day (16 hours): $3750 First person; $3500 each additional.
Full Advanced 3-Day (24 hours): $5500 First Person; $5000 each additional
1-Day/2-Day Advanced: $2000 First person/day; $1500 each additional person/day. Shadow/Audit only for On-Location: $850 Per person/day;
Please note on-location prices are minimally higher for the first student only, but then normal pricing applies for each additional student being trained. This is due to the convenience of us coming to your clinic and due to our inability to see and treat our own clinic patients while traveling.
A minimum of 2 students (hands-on) must be registered for us to travel to provide on-location training services.
In addition to the above training fees, all travel within approximately 100 miles of our location will incur an additional $200 per day travel fee to cover the costs of gas mileage, vehicle wear and tear, meals, lodging, etc.
All travel greater than 100 miles from our location, will incur an additional variable, flat-rate travel fee of $500-$1500 depending on the location, ground transport versus air, meals, lodging and incidentals to cover our costs to travel to you. While we will always try to help maintain affordability for training, we reserve the right to determine the best, most convenient, safest, and reasonable means of our travel to your clinical location.
*Models are always desired for future training dates and our client models will receive an average discount of 10-20% off the cost of their treatment.

Payments and Details
All details can be discussed, negotiated and arranged at the time of course registration. Registration is required a minimum of at least 10 weeks before any desired training date(s). This allows us and/or the host clinic sufficient time for appropriate model scheduling and clinic planning.
*Payment for all courses, whether on-site or on-location is required in full, at least 6 weeks prior to any scheduled training dates. Payment may be made to “Skintastic Aesthetics” by cash, check, money order, credit or debit card. Training payments will be considered non-refundable, but in the event that a reschedule is needed, we require at least a 4-weeks notice, then any paid training fees may be applied to a future, rescheduled date.Should you decide to cancel or no-show any scheduled, pre-paid training and do not desire to reschedule, your payment will become forfeit in full. Additional requirements apply for on-location training, including supply requirement, medical malpractice insurance, HIPAA/OSHA guidelines, etc. Please contact us directly for more specific information on any of the above.

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For all hands-on students, aesthetic injectables or miscellaneous certifications will be awarded to each student after successful completion of training.
8 hours of training on any modality will award you a basic certification only. If you would prefer to become intermediate or advanced certified, you must complete a minimum of 16-24 hours of hands-on training, for each modality. For example, 24 hours of toxins, or 24 hours of fillers training.